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İnsan Kaynakları

Our Human Resources Principles

We prioritize the motivation and loyalty of the employees.
We apply performance-based, fair remuneration and rewarding.
We provide our employees with a continuous training and self-development environment.
We attach importance to manpower planning.
We allow employees to systematically plan and develop their careers in line with the needs of the organization.
We provide feedback to our employees regarding their performance.
We create employment based on qualifications and needs.
We encourage social and cultural activities.
We value and respect existing differences with the belief that a workforce that brings different cultures together constitutes the most efficient working team.
In order to be successful in new markets, we work with a dynamic team that understands the needs of our consumers and knows their culture.

Our HR Values

Our teammates who make up our team are;
Having adopted trust and honesty as a principle,
Aware of the importance of team spirit and solidarity,
Having a visionary perspective,
We value their focus on the satisfaction of their customers.

Job Opportunities and Internship Opportunities

During the recruitment process, we ensure that both experienced and newly graduated candidates take the most appropriate position in departments appropriate to their qualifications, as a result of procedures where their knowledge, equipment and abilities are reviewed.

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