General Trade

Turexcorp Import Export Company

We supply products from manufacturers that have international quality certificates, attach importance to food safety, produce in accordance with the standards of the market we export to, and work within the framework of mutual commercial respect. Quality is the most important part of what we do. We always keep this perception at the highest level with discipline, inspection and analysis.

We offer our customers the option of loading a single product in a single container, different products in a single container, and partial loading on pallet basis, as well as the opportunity to receive small quantities of different products from our warehouses. Our company has made it a principle to reduce the workload of its customers, to which it provides operational convenience and transportation advantages, and to produce instant solutions for their needs.


Our international network, which we have created with our experience for years, gives us the opportunity to export in Industrial kitchen, Kitchen and Glass products as well as our main sectors Food & Home and Hotel Textile. Some products that we export through our foreign offices and partner companies


For our companies that want to supply products from foreign markets, we offer alternatives by researching the producers in the standards they plan, and we have been carrying out the entire import process since 2011 through our domestic and international offices.

The services we offer in this field;

An effective and efficient import operation,
The most appropriate cost calculation in the process from the beginning to the end of the import,
Minimizing risks by using all the right ways and methods,
On-site product control and loading,
Execution of the entire communication process,
The planning and management of the customs, logistics and other processes until the product reaches you.