The world's resources are rapidly running out. Nowadays, when the global warming and water problem has reached more critical levels than ever before; We believe that all companies should have a sustainability policy.

We think it is our responsibility to future generations to carry out business without disrupting the eco system, without spending the world's resources irresponsibly. So we are taking serious precautions in every step we take.

As Turexcorp, in our sustainability policy; We adopt the "Sustainable Development Goals" accepted by 193 member countries of the United Nations in 2015. 17 Goals and 169 Aims set for a better world, cleaner resources and a fairer life are also our bedside guide.

We believe in the power of individuals for a sustainable life, and as a company with hundreds of employees, we do our best to gather all these forces under our body and make a global difference.

We believe that right choices, right decisions and right steps are required today in order to provide a sustainable life for future generations.