About Cinnamon

The history of cinnamon, which is two main types, Chinese Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon, goes back to the years before Christ. Cinnamon first appears in Chinese inscriptions from BC 2800s.

About mint

About Mint

Mint, whose homeland is the Mediterranean, is very common especially in Anatolia and Egypt. Due to the suitability of the climate in Turkey, it grows naturally in almost every region. With its characteristic and intense fragrance, it adds a distinctive flavor to salads, meats, soups, appetizers and almost all kinds of food.

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About Spices

It would be more correct to start with the answer to the question of “what is a spice?” Before going into information such as the history, usage areas and benefits of the spice. Spices are medicinal herbs obtained by drying and grinding parts of the plants such as seeds, flowers, seeds, fruits, bark, roots, leaves

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About Black Pepper

Throughout human history, no food has been as effective as spices. At first spice was used to preserve and flavor foods but later used in many fields from medicine to cosmetics and even caused the discovery of America. The search for an inexpensive way to get the spice in the East led to geographical discoveries

About cumin

About Cumin

Cumin, whose Latin name is Cuminum cyminum, blooms in May-June and ripens in July. Its fruit is angular, oval shaped, 4-5 mm in length. The fruits of cumin, which has a distinctive scent, contain fixed and essential oils, tannins and resin. Cumin, which is literally a store of iron, is a very rich plant in